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ABC Island

Take a voyage to the pirate's island in search for hidden ABC treasures
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1 February 2011

Editor's review

Get ready to sail on a voyage into the pirate's island and enrich your word power simultaneously with ABC Island.
In this game of treasure hunt there is a hidden treasure of the ABC which can be discovered by arranging as many words as you can on the game field. The game field takes you to the open sea and beautiful islands. This attractive combination of treasure hunt and word game will allow you to enrich your word power. Levels can be completed with your word knowledge and few bonuses in the form of golden letters. Some flaming letters will try to burn your ship and powder barrels to blow your ship, so escape from these items. Throughout the journey you can view attractive scenes and animated characters. The game also features over 90,000 recognized words, three game modes; Strategy, Arcade, and Quest, unlimited playtime and much more.
This intelligent word game that places as a good gift for your child is compatible with Windows98/ME/2000/XP.

Publisher's description

Take a voyage to the pirate's island in search for hidden treasures of the ABC. Make for the open sea and sail by beautiful islands while doing your best to arrange as many words on your gamefield as you can. Use your word knowledge as well as bonus items and gold letters to complete levels. Don't let your ship be set on fire by flaming letters or blown up by powder barrels. Nice attracting views all along your journey, animated characters, three game modes (Strategy, Arcade, Quest) and much more.
ABC Island
ABC Island
Version 1.2.4
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